Women's March on Clarion   January 21, 2017
In solidarity with the Women's March on Washington DC

march 11

League members and friends gather the the Fulmer House.

march 12
Elisabeth was ready.

march 8
Off they go!

Janice and Elisabeth march

Janice and Elisabeth are on their way.

march 15

Passing the fire station.

march 14


march 1
We near the park.

march 10
There were lots of us.

march 2
Damp weather didn't stop us.

march 3
Janice and Elisabeth get ready  to address the crowd.

march 13

She's glad to see so many there.


Access to the polls was on Elisabeth Fulmer's mind.


Janice Horn Talked about Health Care.


Donna  Poljanec was concerned about quality education in public schools.

march 4

Linda  Trojak  from SAFE talked about domestic violence.

march 9

Marilouise Michel emphasized support of the arts.

march 6

Braxton White encouraged political activism.

march 5

More watchers.

march 7

This wasn't Cass' first March.